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"Research tells us fourteen out of any ten individuals likes chocolate." - Sandra Boynton

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We adore chocolate, probably more than you, but we're open to you telling us different.

The Company was founded in 2017. This followed from their first ever chocolate making course, taught by World Chocolate Master, Ruth Hinks. Ruth’s style of teaching is friendly, casual and totally generous.

Brian had worked his entire life in the financial services industry. Joanne did part-time work in the office and managed their home. After their first chocolate course, they were hooked on making, and all things chocolate. This passion resulted in many more courses, learning techniques and technical aspects of chocolate making.

Since then, they have overseen the design and brand development to create a fresh, exciting company that they hope will see all those who taste their chocolates, smile with delight.

The Company has been awarded the coveted 5 stars by VisitScotland, as a tourist visitor attraction, the only chocolatier in Scotland to have this prestigious award.

LuxLife Magazine has awarded the Company, Best Emerging Artisan Chocolatier 2019.
The New Chocolate Company commissions exclusive moulds to create unique designs for many of their products. Some of these can be seen in the Highland/Scottish Range.

The goal is simple. The more people enjoy who their chocolates, the happier they will be.
But, it does not stop there. Brian,  Joanne and Katrina have forged relationships with schools, charities and local businesses. The company already employs five people and endeavour to give younger people an opportunity to do something creative and useful. 

Chocolate is a wonderful food. When we think about the emotions that it stirs, it is truly powerful.
It can inspire love, joy, surprise, kindness, tenderness, a very powerful tool.
The ancient Aztecs used it for many ceremonies, and it has been said that chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a chemical the brain releases when it’s in love. So maybe it’s also an aphrodisiac!

Whatever chocolate does, it generates emotions, memories, and flavour for all chocolate lovers, young and old.

We hope you enjoy our chocolate products!

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