Adult Workshops

Step into our chocolate factory and learn how to make your favourite chocolate delights with help from our Chocolatiers

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From kids classes to corporate days out

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Adult Chocolate Experiences

Our adult classes are designed to provide fun, entertainment and knowledge. Not only that, but you will take away all the chocolate creations that you make.

The class begins with a warm welcome and a hot or cold drink. We then discuss the a little bit about chocolate and what we are going to make. It's then hands on and the creativity begins. You will learn how we make beautiful filled and dipped luxurious chocolates.

Or it may be that you choose a class making macarons, or florentines and flapjacks. The choice of classes is shown in the calendar.

Working in pairs, and on your own, you will be closely supervised by one of our professional chocolatiers.

If you are making dipped or filled chocolates, any decorating is limited, only by your imagination. When you have made and packaged all you chocolate goodies, you head home, laden with chocolate. Not a bad morning or afternoon!

  • The New Chocolate Factory Gallery
  • The New Chocolate Factory Gallery

Chocolate Tasting Events

Not all chocolate is the same. We all know that there is dark, milk and white, but there are many variations within these parameters. Our chocolate tasting class is designed to be a social gathering for like minded people. This class lasts around 2 hours, usually in the evening. 

You will learn how to taste chocolate and understand why some types of chocolate is better suited to filling and others are not.

These events are priced at £30.00 per head, and are for groups of 6 or more adults.

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