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Chocolate Tasting Class

Chocolate Tasting Class

10 October
18:30 - 20:30
£30.00 per person

60 spaces available


This is a class for serious chocoholics, and those who wish to know more about the variety of different chocolates from around the world. This class explores the world of fine and origin chocolate in reasonable depth.

The class explores the history of chocolate, with an insight into the current chocolate market.

The tasting is an introduction to the sensory approach to actually tasting, not just eating chocolate. You will understand the look, sound, smell, texture and of course, taste and texture.

Most of the world's chocolate is made from hardy, yet less flavourful Forastero cocoa beans. At our chocolate tasting class, you'll taste 10 different types of chocolate, including chocolate made from the much more fragrant, deeply flavoured Criollo beans. 

You will come away with tasting tips that will help you expand your chocolate horizons.

These classes can be held at our modern factory, or a location of your choice. 

The minimum number of attendees is 12 people.

Kelburn Business Park, Parklea Road, Port Glasgow, Inverclyde, PA14 6TD
MAximum Attendees
60 people per class
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